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Exchange of skin, Performance together with a participatory action, 2023

During the event Open, Music and Art in Villa Sciarra, Roma, 20 July 2023



This afternoon, together with you, I would like to bring our attention to an intimate and deep contact with nature. To that contact we lost and that is never been so needed as now in this time. A laurel tree will host me in this short ritual at the end of which I invite guests and friends to participate in a collective action. In a second time, it will materialized in the realization of a choral work, witness of our meeting, of this "Exchange of skin".

I give you a piece of clay, and I invite you to look for a tree where you can create a moment of recollection and contact between you and him. Hold it in your hands, if you like close your eyes, and then lay it on the bark, and lay your hand, your body on it. The piece of clay will bear the imprint of both of you, of your skin, and of the bark of the trunk; it will preserve the memory of this encounter, of this "Exchange of skin".

So I will collect all these ours, your pieces, and after drying and cooking them at high temperature I will compose them together. An ideal creature of a new species will be born, which will keep the footprints of the trees of the Villa and all our skins. Witness of today’s meeting, will remind us that everything is nature. This future installation will find its place.. I will keep you updated on the development of the project and invite you to leave an email address and/ or follow the social pages.

Many thanks. Francesca di Ciaula      

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