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As part of the FORGETME(K)NOT, International Art Exhibition

underway at the Valtopina Embroidery and Textile Museum (Perugia) on

Sunday 19 November 2023, from 11 am to 5 pm.

Curated by Barbara Pavan, promoted by SCD Textile&Art Studio 

The performance was born from the analysis of data relating to femicides on a global scale. In 2021, the estimated number of intentional homicides of women globally is 81,100. Also in the same year, approximately 45,000 women and girls were killed by their partners or otherwise within the domestic sphere. An average of more than 5 women every hour. Asia is the membership with the highest number of feminicides, Africa is the region with the highest level of violence relative to the female population (source: UNODC and UN WOMEN report, 2022). As far as Europe is concerned, Latvia has the sad record of murders of women in the domestic sphere. In Italy, 85.3% of feminicides are committed by family members or ex-partners (data relating to 2020; source: Openpolis, Edjnet and Eurostat data processing consulted on 5/16/2023).

 _“Eleven minutes and a half” unfolds over the course of several hours during which the artist proceeds by embroidering the knotted handkerchiefs contained in an ancient trousseau trunk with the initials of murdered women around the world. One at a time, every 11 and a half minutes marked by a table clock, the black threads that make up an initial thick braid converge on as many handkerchiefs in a painful modular installation which, as the hours pass, will end up filling the entire space of a wall. It will be a seamless performance in which the artist and visitors will be aware of the passage of time. In the repetition of the gesture that accompanies the names of the individual victims, one after the other, Di Ciaula will take upon herself the weight, the pain, the physical and emotional tiredness, transmitting to the public all the crudeness of the reality of a tragedy._ Barbara Pavan curator


Video excerpt available at:

Building up the material for the performance

The embroidered Names

The fifth embroidered handkerchief on the nail

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